AMBUSH Hosting Skating Event at Kennesaw Skatepark


Announcement from Bright Side Newspapers

Ambush is hosting hosting a party at the Kennesaw Skatepark  (Swift Cantrell Park on Hwy 293), called Backin’ Georgia. Vox Footwear is traveling the United States filming for Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel. Each state they visit will have its own segment. Ambush and The Kennesaw Skatepark will be hosting Vox in their quest to highlight Georgia’s best skaters on February 1st from Noon to 3:00 pm at the Kennesaw Skatepark (possibly until 5:00 pm if the event is killing it). Ambush will also be grilling dogs and giving away drinks and candy to bring a more organic, backyard BBQ feel to the event.  For all inquiries contact Lee Elliott at Ambush Board Co. 770-420-9111or email: