bully2This article was written by a 13 year old Cobb County Middle School Student.

You’re walking down the school hallway. It’s crowded as usual. Then a kid runs by and yells out ‘LOSER’ and knocks all your books on the floor. No one helps you; no one even shows empathy. Nearly 30 percent of school age children experience bullying, ranging from as little getting called a name, or as big as getting beat up. It is repeated and done intentionally to cause harm. For many kids bullying goes on for more than eight years.

For the kids being bullied it is especially hard to remember to never give up. Some kids think it is the only choice, but it’s not. When you give up, you are letting them win. You are saying ‘they got the best of me’ and letting them think that. Giving up could be just ignoring it and doing nothing to help it, or as serious as suicide. Many people don’t realize how many kids actually attempt suicide. One of my good friends attempted suicide about five times because of bullying at her school. Outside school she seems just like any other normal teenager.  If you are thinking about committing suicide, please don’t. Think of a world without you; think about how your parents would feel, your siblings, even your aunt or grandma and grandpa. You will never be able to drive, go to the prom, or graduate from high school. If you are really considering suicide please talk to someone you trust, or call the suicide helpline at 1-800-273-8255.

Some Cobb County schools have special programs against bullying.  One of the great programs in my school is the Sources of Strength program. This program organizes small events during school to spread the word about bullying. They make PSA’s and air them in every classroom. This program is at more than 2000 schools nationwide. But not every school has a program like this. Some schools have nothing to help kids being bullied. Some teachers turn around and do nothing when they see bullying. Last week a girl was beat up during gym class at her school. The teacher watched and did nothing.

Bullying will never be stopped. It would be nearly impossible in today’s world. You can make it better though. If you know that somebody is being bullied don’t be a bystander. Go tell someone. If there isn’t a special program in place to report bullying tell a parent, a trusted teacher, or guidance counselor so something can be done. Don’t be afraid of being called a ‘snitch’ or a ‘tattletale’ because in your heart you know that you are not. If that child being bullied was suicidal, you could have just saved their life by telling someone. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell someone. And NEVER give up hope for there is always a way to get through.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  If you see something that looks like bullying… say something!