Four ex-governors, a widow, and Bill Shipp by Jim Galloway

jimgallowayAugust 14, 2013 Atlanta Journal-Constitution – Political Insider

Four ex-governors, a widow, and Bill Shipp

Jim Galloway reports that as social affairs go, nothing draws a crowd like a funeral or a good hanging. Bill Shipp’s 80th birthday party was a little of both, and so was exceptionally well-attended on Tuesday. In the basement of a Smyrna bank, four former governors of Georgia, whose terms stretched from the early ‘60s to this new century, gathered to pay homage to the political columnist they loved to hate – and the man who chronicled much of their own careers. The magnitude of the crowd was startling. Max Cleland, the former U.S. senator, was there. Harris Hines, the new chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, gave the opening prayer.

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