Good Samaritan – Ellijay Teen Saves Woman in Winter Storm

carThe snow on January 28th brought frustration and danger to many Georgia drivers, but perhaps none as much as a woman who’s Ford F-150 slid off the side of a mountain in North Georgia.  16 year-old Daniel Stephens, a Civil Air Patrol cadet in the Ellijay Composite Squadron, witnessed the accident while hiking near his Cherry Log home that Tuesday afternoon.  The woman suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken hip, a lower-back injury, and a partially dislocated shoulder, when she attempted to vacate the vehicle, and tumbled nearly 100 feet down the side of the mountain.  Cadet Senior Airman Stephens quickly scaled the terrain, caught the woman, and prevented her from falling nearly another 150 feet to the bottom.  Stephens began to show the first signs of frostbite when he took off his coat and gloves, and used them to keep the woman warm, while he sent his younger brother Gage, also an Ellijay CAP cadet, back to their house to call 911 and bring several blankets.  By the time emergency personnel had arrived, Stephens had already immobilized the woman’s neck and spine, to prevent any further spinal and nerve damage.

“If I were in that situation, I would want help too,” said Stephens, who had just returned home Sunday evening from a weekend-long, cadet-led search-and-rescue training exercise in the mountains with the Cobb County Composite Squadron.  Civil Air Patrol performs more than 95% of all search-and-rescue operations in the United States, and assists FEMA and local Emergency Management Agencies in relief efforts after natural and man-made disasters.  CAP also teaches the nation’s youth about the science of aerospace, and transforms them into leaders in their communities.  The majority of the CAP Cadet Program is led by other cadets, ranging in age from 12 to 21 years old.  To learn more about the Civil Air Patrol, or for a unit near you, go online to