Kennesaw City Council Candidates ~ Debate, Tues. Oct 22 6:30 pm

Candidate Debate.  The City Council posts up for election this year are Post 3, Post 4, and Post 5.  The City of Kennesaw council posts are “at-large,” so every voter selects a candidate for each post.  All candidates for this election year have been invited to participate.  There are seven candidates running in hopes of being elected to three posts.  This is an excellent way to meet all the candidates in one place.

This Debate will be held Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 6:30pm-8:30pm, at the Ben Robertson Community Center, 2753 Watts Drive, Kennesaw. Following with a debate format, this event will have a non-City moderator and time keeper in order to allow candidates equal response time. All City Residents are invited to attend, ask questions, and hear the candidates responses to the issues.  Below are the posts and brief description of each candidate.

Bruce2_2Long1Bruce Jenkins was elected to the City Council of Kennesaw in 2005, and is serving in his second term.  He has taken position many times to protect our homes from over commercial development and promote “Smart Growth” for our City.  He supported Design Guidelines for our Historic District and was instrumental in the Development Guidelines for new projects within our City.  His leadership skills have fostered better relationships with the Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners of Cobb County. He was elected for two terms of Cobb Municipal Association President in 2010-11, representing the six cities in Cobb County.  The “re-visit” of the Master Plan for Swift-Cantrell Park to gain current input from citizens on its development and use has been a leadership role that Bruce has taken to create the best use of our recreation and park areas.
Bruce’s wife, Dr. Julie Jenkins, teaches at McClure Middle School; they have a 17 year old son, Jonathan who attends Kennesaw Mountain High School. Bruce has resided in Kennesaw for several years and recently earned is Master’s Degree in  Education Leadership. Visit Bruce’s website, for more information.

leonardLeonard Church is a candidate for Post 3.  He and his wife, Karen, share 6 children and 9 grand children.  Leonard grew up in Cobb County and has lived in Kennesaw for the past 18 years, during which time Leonard has seen a lot of changes.  Mr. Church had the honor of being your Mayor for 8 years.  During that time, he completed over 150 hours in government continuing education classes, thru GMA and the University of Georgia.  He served on Governmental state and local boards that gave him the insight and knowledge of all phases of city government.  Let’s bring back fiscal, conservative responsibility and common sense to Post 3.  I’m asking for your vote on November 5, 2013.
Thank you, Leonard Church.

briggett_Washington As a resident of Kennesaw, Briggett aspires to preserve the important aspects of Kennesaw’s history, innovate the traditional ideals into modern aspects, and introduce a new approach to the city. She will strive to create more opportunities, which will create a beneficial environment for the citizens of the community.  Ms. Washington seeks, not only to support local businesses and current events, but also to offer a more broad variety of events, which will include all the cultures that define our city. Briggett looks forward to sustaining a positive relationship with the current council and each member of our community.”

Briggett is an active community member including:  Graduate of Leadership Cobb Class of 2013, graduate of the Cobb Citizen Public Safety Academy, YWCA volunteer, former PTSA President, Cobb NAACP 2006 Business Women of the Year. Ms. Washington is the  Founder and CEO of the Cobb Alzheimer’s Foundation
and is the Mother of two, daughter Alexis, 18, who is graduate of North Cobb High School and currently attending Georgia State University; and son, Armond, 13, attending Awtrey Middle School.

Matt_Riedemann_Headshot3Matt Riedemann was appointed by the Mayor and Council to serve out the post left vacant with the death of Bill Thrash and is asking the citizens to return him to  his Post 4 seat on the Kennesaw City Council.  Prior to his appointment, Matt was the chair of the Kennesaw Development Authority. Matt is looking forward to continue serving all the citizens of Kennesaw. Matt believes that citizens of Kennesaw are the backbone of our city.   Matt invites you to contact him at (678) 231-4579 or

Matt owns his own business having founded Ashford Capital Partners in 2008. Matt is also a member of the North Cobb Rotary Club. Matt is an active at NorthStar Church. Matt and his wife, Beth, have lived in Georgia for more than 20 years and have been residents of Kennesaw for more than 11 years They have .one daughter, Noelle, and dog Moose. Learn more at

Debra1Debra Williams is a candidate for Kennesaw City Council post 4. As a Commissioner on the City of Kennesaw’s Planning and Zoning Board, Debra  has a working knowledge about the vision and direction of our community and have worked well with our city staff. Additionally, she has been very active with our businesses and volunteer community here in Kennesaw for the last seven years.  She plan’s to work at helping our city’s downtown businesses prosper and share in equal representation. recognition, and support, to make sure our citizens tax dollars are being wisely spent.

Debra and her husband Ken, have resided in Kennesaw since 2002.  She has served on the Planning and Zoning Board for the City of Kennesaw since January, 2010.  Debra also serves as the Chair of the Dog Park Committee, Swift Cantrell Park. To learn more about Debra Williams, visit her website at

jeff_2Jeff Duckett was elected to serve in 2009 and is running for re-election.  He believes in tackling the issues logically by gathering all the facts (good and bad) and weighing the pros and cons and the effects it will have on Kennesaw’s citizens both now and in the future.  Leadership is not making a snap decision based on emotion, nor is it delaying the decision because of fear.  It requires common sense, sound judgment, and experience. We are more likely to make the correct decision when we have all the facts and that is my approach on each issue that comes before the Council.

Jeff and his family have lived in Kennesaw since 2002. Jeff Duckett owns his own business and is a strong leader in his church. Jeff believes in working for the betterment of this community for the benefit of all. More information is available at

sebastianJim Sebastian is a candidate for Kennesaw City Council Post 5. Jim Sebastian currently serves as chairman of the Kennesaw Citizens Advisory Committee and has since its inception in 2010.  The committee’s direction is to review, present ideas for changes or enhancements, and be the voice of concern regarding city issues and opportunities on behalf of the city residents.  Jim has spent much of his time volunteering for Boy Scouts, churches, special needs groups for children with mental disorders as well as numerous other positions

Jim is a Managing Partner and co-owner of a consulting, administration, and brokering firm founded in 2001.  With more than thirty-five years of hands-on management experience in all disciplines of business, he brings a wealth of education and experience in the management of new development, personnel, operations, systems, marketing, sales, legal and financial. Jim Sebastian has resided in Kennesaw since 1977 and has a Masters of Business Administration.Learn more ~