Kennesaw City Council Incumbents Not Returning to Office

leonardWith a voter turnout of only 11%, Kennesaw’s three council seats will have two new faces and one familiar one starting in January.  Post Three saw former Mayor, Leonard Church take the seat with 768 votes, representing 40% of the votes for his post.   And no, there will not be a run-off because it only takes a simple majority to win the seat. Leonard Church  and his wife, Karen, share 6 children and 9 grand children.  Leonard grew up in Cobb County and has lived in Kennesaw for the past 18 years, during which time Leonard has seen a lot of changes.  Mr. Church had the honor of being Kennesaw’s Mayor for 8 years.  During that time, he completed over 150 hours in government continuing education classes, thru GMA and the University of Georgia.  He served on Governmental state and local boards that gave him the insight and knowledge of all phases of city government.  He ran on the platform of bringing back fiscal, conservative responsibility and common sense to Post 3.

Debra1Post Four went to Debra Williams with a whopping total of 1142 votes – representing 60% of the vote.  As a Commissioner on the City of Kennesaw’s Planning and Zoning Board, Debra  has a working knowledge about the vision and direction of our community and have worked well with our city staff. Additionally, she has been very active with our businesses and volunteer community here in Kennesaw for the last seven years.  She plans to work at helping our city’s downtown businesses prosper and share in equal representation. recognition, and support, and to make sure our citizens tax dollars are being wisely spent.

Debra and her husband Ken, have resided in Kennesaw since 2002.  She has served on the Planning and Zoning Board for the City of Kennesaw since January, 2010.  Debra also serves as the Chair of the Dog Park Committee, Swift Cantrell Park.  In addition, Debra is a knowledgeable business owner with a successful public relations and marketing business.

sebastianJim Sebastian  won the seat for Kennesaw City Council Post 5, by a slim margin of 30 votes with a total of 964. Jim Sebastian currently serves as chairman of the Kennesaw Citizens Advisory Committee and has since its inception in 2010.  The committee’s direction is to review, present ideas for changes or enhancements, and be the voice of concern regarding city issues and opportunities on behalf of the city residents.  Jim has spent much of his time volunteering for Boy Scouts, churches, special needs groups for children with mental disorders as well as numerous other positions

Jim is a Managing Partner and co-owner of a consulting, administration, and brokering firm founded in 2001.  With more than thirty-five years of hands-on management experience in all disciplines of business, he brings a wealth of education and experience in the management of new development, personnel, operations, systems, marketing, sales, legal and financial. Jim Sebastian has resided in Kennesaw since 1977 and has a Masters of Business Administration.

These three new council people join Tim Killingsworth and Cris Eaton Welsh, with Mayor Mark Mathews (these three will be up for re-election in two more years).

We wish them well.  Being an elected official is a thankless job.  No one ever tells you thank you, great job — but boy do you hear it when someone has a complaint.